Indus Red fuses the musical traditions of
India with the west. The instruments on
this recording are, harmonium, guitar,
tabla, flute, tanpura, keyboard, bandolin,
bass, and various drums and percussion.

From devotional (mataji's smile), to tabla
solo (tabla Panch), to meditational
(savitri's Love), to club (mighty bhima
remix), Indus Red takes you on an
unforgettable journey through the Indian
the Mighty Bhima  (remix)
Savitri's love
Yaad Bhagavati
all songs, santoor, tabla, keyboards,
harmonium, percussion, voice, and wood
flutes by jim feist
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INDUS RED: Indus Red $12.97
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"A combination of Indian influences and Western music, it is more groove-oriented and trance-inducing than Mohenjo's
material. He plays all of the percussion plus harmonium and the droning, stringed tanpura. Being a drummer, Feist focuses on
rhythmic embellishments, resulting in a sound that is equal parts drum corps and opium den."

"Feist starts a flurry on the tabla. Even without any accompaniment, his polyrhythmic notes are almost too much to fathom.
How does such a full sound come from one drummer? For the uninitiated, the tabla is played with the full hand, as well as the
palm and fingers, so it's possible to have multiple notes with one hand."
-Artspike Magazine

"Jim Feist plays the tabla sitting on the floor, his fingers and palms alternating on the drum face in a mesmerizing beat."
-Cincinnati Enquirer

"Sitting cross-legged opposite Jim Feist, watching him manipulating the tabla, I'm mesmerized by the array of sounds he
charms from the instruments. When it's my turn, the only noise I can coax from the drums sounds like hitting a cardboard
-Ezra Waller

"Jim Feist plots swirling tabla rhythms"
-City Beat magazine

"This is surely the first time a musician has thanked me for purchasing their music personally, but it gives me an opportunity
to say THANK YOU! I love "Indus Red". I listened to snippets on CD Baby, and it touched me immediately. I am a
percussive person, unable to sit still listening to ragas or polkas or tangoes (is that how you spell plural tango?), patting out
beats on my knees. I've gone around the world to hear taiko, conga, tabla, and djembes. Anyway, your music takes all that I
love about East Indian music, exotic sound, drum, and trance and puts it all together.
I teach art in a high school and use music to stimulate or aggravate students into creating things. When I brought in "Indus
Red", it was the first time most of my students had ever heard anything like it. I love when some of them 'get it' and let it in
and are changed by it.
Thank you for creating inspiration! And let me know when you produce another CD!"
-Roberta Sealey ---- Valencia California
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